Partner wod


Partner wod

IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Complete today’s workout between 13:00-18:00.
Finish 100/80 calories in 6:00 or less.
Break up the reps between partners.


Set 1

:40 Row (easy pace)

Rest :20

:40 Alternating toe touches in a pike position

Set 2

:40 Row (moderate pace)

Rest :20

:40 Hollow Rocks

Set 3

:40 Row (fast pace)

Rest :20

:40 Alternating V-ups



1) Push-up to Down Dog // Basic pressing movement and mobility

tool to open up shoulders.

2) Shoulder Taps in the Pike Position // Starting to get more inverted

and put weight on hands. Walk feet as close to hands as possible.

3) Piked Push-ups // Head should land forward of the hands and

finish between the arms at the top.

4) Handstand Hold against Wall // Practice getting upside-down and

supporting weight on your hands.

5) Handstand Negatives // Ability to stay against the wall and control

your descent to the bottom of the handstand push-up. Do not press

out of the bottom yet.

6) Handstand Push-up // As soon as head hits the mat, press back up

to locked out arms. Athletes can use no more than 2 Ab-Mats.

Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds For Time:


100/80 Calorie Row

50 Handstand Push-ups


80/60 Calorie Row

30 Handstand Push-ups


80/60 Calorie Row

30 Push-ups
– One partner works while one rests