hope you like your partner today


hope you like your partner today

IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

<20:00, Use moderate to heavy loadings you can cycle for 5+ reps throughout the workout. Cut all reps and volume in half if you are performing this workout as an individual, without a partner. Move through at a consistent pace, don’t get stuck at any movement because of weights or skills that are too challenging.


Muscle-up Progression // Focus

• Demo each part of the progression before allowing the athletes to

practice. Focus on a single teaching point for each progression.

• Athletes alternate sets of 3-5 reps with a partner until you tell them

to move on to the next progression.

1) False Grip Ring Row // Make these reps easy and focus on maintaining the false grip.

2) Leg Assisted Rings to Chest // Bring the legs under the rings and

lean back while standing up to touch the rings to the chest.

3) Muscle-up Transition to Floor // Focus on using the legs and pushing the head through the rings quickly.

4) Floor Muscle-up // Athletes must hit the rings to their chest before

transitioning through the rings.


• Demo the wall walk and partial wall walk.

• Allow athletes to move on their own for the remainder of the


• Focus on helping more advanced athletes progress from the wall

walk to a handstand hold and then a handstand walk as they

progress in rounds.

On a 6:00 Clock:

5 Synchro Box Step-Ups

1 Wall Walk / Partner (or bear crawl)

5 Synchro Lunges

3 Muscle-up Transitions / Partner

5 Synchro Toe-Touch + Jump



• Demo the foot position and grip setup for the hang power clean.

• Lead athletes through 3-5 reps focusing on a single coaching point

at each progression.

• Avoid keeping the barbell in the athlete’s hands for more than 7

reps in a row.

Hang Power Clean Progression // Focus

1) Hang Power Clean // Find the mid-thigh position before completing

the lift.

2) Hang Power Clean // Extend the hips hard and jump before pulling

with the arms.

3) Front Squats // Relax the grip and reset the feet before squatting.

4) Hang Power Clean // Pause with the bar at the hip before starting

the next rep.

5) Lunges // Loose fingertip grip on the bar.


• Review and demo the handstand scaling options and then allow

athletes to finish warming up on their own.

• Focus on maintaining lumbar curve during the squats, lunges, and

hang power cleans.

• Make sure athletes keep their heels down during the squats.

• Focus on helping athletes maintain a loose fingertip grip during

the lunges and the front squats, keep the elbows higher than the


3-5 Sets

• Increase loading each set, progress to workout weight.

5 Front Squats / Athlete

3-5 Muscle-ups

:10 Handstand Walk or Modification / Athlete

Metcon (Time)

For Time With a Partner:

40 Box Jump Overs (30/24″)

200-ft. Handstand Walk

40 Barbell Lunges (185/125#)

20 Muscle-ups

40 Hang Power Cleans (185/125#)

20 Front Squats (185/125#)

40 Synchro Bar-Facing Burpees

– One partner working, one partner



40 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)

100-ft. Handstand Walk

40 Barbell Lunges (135/95#)

10 Muscle-ups

40 Hang Power Cleans (135/95#)

20 Front Squats (135/95#)

40 Synchro Bar-Facing Burpees


20 Box Step Overs (20″)

200-ft. DB Overhead Walk (35/25#)

20 DB Lunges (35/25#)

20 Ring Row

20 Push-ups

40 DB Hang Power Cleans (35/25#)

20 DB Front Squats (35/25#)

40 DB-Facing Burpees

Cool Down


2:00 Seated Straddle Stretch

– Hold :20 on the left leg, right leg, and in the center