IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Complete the workout in 18:00-22:00. Finish the row between 2:00-3:15. Spend no more than 2:30 on the double-unders each round. Don’t...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Practice sprint pacing in this workout. Finish in 7:00-12:00 with MOST athletes done under 10:00. Be able to complete most rounds...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Complete the workout in 15:00-22:00. Practice a strategy of consistent rep sets on the pull-ups and use the practice to carry...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Finish in 10:00-15:00. Today is a heavy day in disguise. The weight for the back squats should be moderately heavy but...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Combination of a task- and time-priority workout. Finish the workout as quickly as possible, and with as many calories as you...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Complete 6-10 rounds. Challenge and build grip strength and stamina. Complete snatches in 1-2 sets every round. Avoid singles on the...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Partners will run together and split the push-ups and rope climbs as needed. High-volume Hero workout that helps to prepare for...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Finish in 5:00-10:00. Complete the pull-ups in 5 sets or less. No more than 4:00 to complete the double-unders. Work on...
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IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit Finish the workout in 11:00-15:00. Fast pace at the start, steady in the middle, and faster pace at the end. Light...
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