Carry, Lift, and Carry Again


Carry, Lift, and Carry Again

IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

With a Partner:

Buy-in: 400m Burden Carry

10 rounds:

Each Partner Completes:

5 Muscle Clean – 3 Power Clean – 2 Squat Clean

5 Pull-up

Buy-out: 400m Burden Carry

Rx: 115# / 85#

Rx+: 5 Muscle-up (ring or bar)

5 burpee penalty for both partners for each instance the barbell rests on the ground (tap & go cleans do not invoke a penalty).

For the burden carries, alternate carrying the weight as needed. One partner carries while one travels alongside.

For the rounds, partners can work / rest as needed.

One can start on the barbell, one can start on the pull-ups.

Both partners complete a given movement before trading.

Both partners complete the total work requirement per round before starting a new round.