IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Practice sprint pacing in this workout.
Finish in 7:00-12:00 with MOST athletes done under 10:00.
Be able to complete most rounds unbroken and never need more than 3 sets each movement.
Faster pace on the KB with a shorter range of motion.
Take no more than 1:30 on the burpees and jump the feet directly over the KB.


2 sets:

:30 jumping jacks

:30 unweighted good mornings

1:00 shoulder tap (x2) + push-ups

2 sets:

2 Samson stretches w/ a :10 hold on each

10 RDLs

5-8 left-arm windmills

5-8 right-arm windmills

– Use a light DB or KB for the RDLs and windmills.



1) Heels drive through the ground.

2) Knees are soft as the hips pull back and the chest pushes forward, but the knees shouldn’t flex forward.

3) Chest stays high during the down swing.

4) Arms return to the hips and THEN the hips hinge.

Skill Work


1) Chest touches the ground/shoulders below the elbows.

2) Step down and step up are considered Rx’d, but jumping is faster.

3) Feet must jump directly over the KB with the handle vertical.

4) Both feet must jump (leave the ground) at the same time.

Wod Prep

2 sets:

3 burpees over kettlebell

5 KB half swings

– Move at a steady pace and focus on mechanics and precision.

2 sets:

5 burpees over kettlebell

5 KB half swings

– Move with max-effort speed and intensity.

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds:

20 burpees over kettlebell

20 KB half swings
Rx+ 35/53

Rx 26/35

Mod 12 BOK & 12 KBHS & 18/26


On a 5:00 clock:

Max Turkish get-ups

Cool Down


1:00 foam roll quads

1:00 foam roll lower back

1:00 foam roll calves